How To Improve Relations With Your Manager

You have landed your dream job in the heart of the big city where the crowd of hustling pedestrians are numerous and the glass-pane skyscrapers are mountainous. For the most part, the struggle of waking up before lunch time has finally become manageable and commuting through morning traffic is no longer intolerable. It took some time but you have crafted the perfect go-to coffee order and established a routine for how to tackle the multitude of e-mails that flood your inbox during the few hours you are not online. In a moment of reflection, it seems as if you are getting the hang of working where you can sort of describe it as enjoyable. You could almost categorize it as the ideal job if you just didn’t get stuck with the most difficult manager in the firm. Similar to any relationship, at times you may feel misunderstood or mistreated but in order to improve the status from “It’s Complicated” to something better, it must start with accepting responsibility for your role in the affair.

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